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A Reliable, Professional, Experienced Digital Marketer for International Businesses

We are a Calgary-based digital marketing agency that specializes in building dot-ids, business branding, digital strategy, planning and implementation. We help businesses grow their digital presence and double their sales.

Digital marketing has many different channels. We call upon the right ones for your industry. We have invaluable experience working with a range of digital solutions including SEM (Search Engine Marketing: PPC and SEO), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Mobile Marketing and Content Marketing. Our advanced expertise also extends to digital analytics, social strategies and conversion optimization.

We build from the ground up. Find the right plan for your industry, budget, size and local requirements. Canada.id offers solutions custom-made.

We help businesses shift their strategic thinking from push marketing to pull or inbound marketing. We work with vertical industries that range from automotive and manufacturing to web, service, non-profit and medical.


Global and Local Digital Strategy

Your Business Needs Us

Canada.id Digital Marketing offers special packages for small- to medium-size businesses.

These packages are fully customizable and award you the opportunity to be a leader in your field. We have the experience and knowledge base. Our carefully planned steps move businesses forward and double sales.

Canada.id Is The Right Answer For Your Business.

1. Who We Are?

Canada.id Digital Marketing is a Calgary-based digital marketing agency that, through ahead-of-the-curb digital strategy solutions, helps businesses grow their online presence and double their sales.


2. What We do

We partner with your business to build your dot-id and double your revenue within a year.

3. Who Uses Our Services?

Seeing as though our services are custom-made, our client list spans a wide spectrum of industries ranging from automotive to non-profit and medical. And within these industries we’ve worked alongside businesses of varying sizes—small business startups, major multinationals and everything in between.

Digital marketing is all about malleability. Our diverse portfolio has awarded us the skills to tune, tweak and rethink what makes your business tick. To get an idea of how we can help, take a look at our packages.

Choose The Right Digital Marketing Package For Your Business Now!

Pair your business with the right package and find the right strategy to double your sales within one to three years. What are you waiting for?