Content Marketing What does it mean ? and how Content Marketing will affect business?

Content marketing is B2B in nature, yet it is another marketing approach. The content marketing focus on creating valuable information that relevant and consistent in a form of content. This is to attract internet searchers with pre defined context  and,directed to drive customer to take  pre planed action.

Content marketing is on of the major channel for B2B digital marketing in business today. Marketers are thrive to provide the best information and form it in clear content to attract targeted audience.

However, we have two theories on content. One focus on quality and another one focus on quantity. We believe that quantity will mean fast and quality will mean rigid.  Both of them will have its on way, but success will depends on other surrounding affects. But still not all content is effective. The focus on the quality of content will mean better future in general. However, developing attractive content that pull consumer attention and take them to take the call-to-action then to convert some percentage of them will works efficiently and better than most other tactics.

Videos are be assumed as one of the content marketing techniques. Today’s, are one of the most popular and effective content marketing. The value of video lies in its simplicity to be seen by more audience. But for sure videos will need more efforts and investment than copy-writing content marketing.

So if you ask,”Content Marketing What does it mean” – Content marketing is perfect to generate leads for B2B marketing. Not just that, the search engines giving this channel more level and value. Which make this channel the trend in market and is getting more and more level of attention for above reasons. Marketers believes that this marketing channel is becoming more and more effective, and that there has to be a added to enhance the digital footprint for the business.

The Advantages of Content Marketing over Traditional Advertising covered with nice approach by kiss metrics which were summarised in the attach photo by Attachmedia, described as below;

1. Content marketing provides value to customers over traditional ads;

2. Content marketing educates customers.

3. Content marketing creates a sense of reciprocity.

4. Content marketing provide free information and free way for attraction.

5. Content marketing creates content that ready to share.

6. Content marketing powered with Search Engine Optimization.

7. Content marketing build good traffic.

8. Content marketing is well targeted.


How to Get More from Your Content Marketing

Hopefully you’re sold on the benefits of content marketing at this point. If so, you may be wondering how you can get more out of your content marketing efforts. You may be wondering how you can get the most benefit from the time you put into developing content.

Here are four ways:

  1. Provide content that your customers’ like: some people make the mistake of writing their content describing their business. This is a big problem because customers are not curious about that, they are curious about themselves. You need to take advantage of this. You can do that by providing valuable content that customers like and full fill their attention. This content can be educational or entertaining. Anything that gives your audience something they like and benefit from.
  2. Write content for the customers’ benefit and do promoting your products in-between the lines: You have to provide value to customers, you have to write content that focus on the customers’ benefit then do promote your products in-between the lines or by the idea. People will like articles and posts that are useful for them, not ad posts advertising your product or business. By providing audience content that they like, you’ll be gain an engagement and interaction with targeted audience.
  3. Write bedrock content: bedrock content is content that can be archived and categorized  in a way that’s easy for your audience  to reach. It’s also content that provides high value to customers over a long period of time.
  4. Spy others to find out what content people like: do visit sites within your industry. Check their contents and see which post get the most shares and tweets. In the digital marketing world, social media is debunked. Search to find out what popular posts in your industry then write the same type of content.

So what do you think about “Content Marketing What does it mean”? Are you ready to give content marketing a try?

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