Four Unexpected Digital Marketing Secrets That Really Works is specialized in customizing digital marketing plans for businesses to increase customer base, brand awareness, and sales lead generation. Our services include digital marketing strategy planning and implementation.

Years of experience and international exposure helped us shaped a sound methodology for developing effective digital marketing strategies. The methodology follows a gradual step-by-step approach targeting an incremental benefit realization and RoI. The strategy will build on the client strength to maximize the interaction with the campaign, while the implementation process will utilize the famous Continuous Improvement concept of Plan-Do-Check-Act to review results, revise course and improve outcome in an iterative way. Read my previous article: Why Agile Works Best To Realize Digital Marketing ROI.

In this article I will share some of our digital marketing secrets with our readers, these strategies have always worked:

Build On Your Strengths

Most of our clients offer a variety of products or services, or a combination of both, scattering the digital campaign budget on multiple products and services or even worse trying to use a digital marketing campaign in an attempt to promote a non-popular item will be a waste of time and money. The first of digital marketing secrets is to put your money on your winning horse.

In my article “A Digital Marketing Strategy That Works for Your Business” I explained how to attract leads using lead magnets. Capitalizing on the current successes is one of the digital marketing secrets we tell our clients. A successful product is more likely to attract leads when promoted on the client’s landing page and social media.

Four Stages to Success

Say you’re done with setting up your landing page, you have some content for your social media, and you are working on improving your website SEO, now what? Your digital marketing will start to pay off gradually, your website traffic will start to increase, you will start to see some leads generated from your landing page, your social media will become more interactive, you may even start to get some organic search traffic. But, don’t be surprised if you don’t see any of these things happening!

Digital Marketing Secrets stages

Digital Marketing Secrets stages

Completing your digital marketing campaign setup is one thing, and getting results out of your campaign can be something else; this is where the “Check” and “Act” of the Plan-Do-Check-Act method comes into play. A successful digital marketing plan should recognize the different stages that eventually leads to consistent and predictable results. Every stage has multiple iterations of the Plan-Do-Check-Act, at we define four stages to success;

We call the first stage of engagement the Initiation stage, this is where we engage with the client to set the campaign objectives, decide on the products or services to be promoted and what channels to use. At this stage, we start developing the landing page and the content of lead magnets, at the end of the Initiation stage we launch and start monitoring the results.

Our digital marketing secret ingredient comes in the second stage; we call it the Divulge stage because it allows us to discover what works and what doesn’t. At this stage we keep monitoring the results and make little tweaks to the campaign parameters, these parameters include the search keywords, geographic location, demographic spectrum, special interests and many others; we do that until we reach a point where we can start predicting the impact of changing the parameters on the results. By the end of the Divulge stage, we completely revise all the KPIs and measures we have set in the Initiation stage.

The following stages will all be fine tuning what we have started in the first two stages; it also includes producing more content to improve organic search and generate more interaction on social media to improve brand awareness.

Patience Is a Virtue

Another digital marketing secret that I want to share with the reader is to observe seasonal changes and their correlation with the results; it’s only after a full year that the results will be close to being predictable.

While the first results and lead generation can start to show up in a few months, a brand awareness campaigns can take much longer to establish. There could be many factors impacting the results of digital marketing. It’s not always easy to draw a correlation between the results and external factors, the numbers may suddenly decline for no obvious reason, things that have worked for months can start to act less effective; here is where patience comes into play, the team needs to continue experimenting to find the right formula.

Tune into The Right Channel

Digital Marketing Secrets with social media

Digital Marketing Secrets with social media

Search engines and social media sites make a large chunk of their profits from advertisers; they are continuously competing to attract more advertisers. The last of the digital marketing secrets is choosing the right social media site that is more likely to appeal to the client prospects and possible leads. Scattering the effort and budget between multiple social media sites in an attempt to create a broader presence is less feasible in the long term, it will also drain the resources efforts in a non-fruitful way.

For example, LinkedIn is more Business-to-Business while using a combination of Facebook, Instagram a YouTube works better for consumer products.


In Summary

In this article we discussed some digital marketing secrets to success, I’m sure that you have figured out the common ingredient between all the secrets; It’s Experimenting. The digital marketing strategy needs to be implemented in multiple stages, each stage will get you closer to reaching the strategy objectives, digital marketing results will start to build up incrementally with every stage.

To achieve the long-term digital marketing goals; without exhausting your budget and resources, the digital marketing plan needs to focus on the strengths. Using the continuous improvement of plan-do-check-act to measure and improve the result and fine tune both your KPIs and the parameters over time to gain better results, this, of course, requires patience and making a smart selection of the marking channels.