Today we all use mobile and we expect a fast mobile experience. If there’s too much delay, we’ll close the page and move on. We have a critical issue on design fast mobile web across all industry sectors. Everybody wants quick experience on mobile sites.

Today, we have more than half of overall web traffic comes from mobile, Google surveys shows that mobile conversion rates are lower than desktop. Simply, higher mobile page speed means higher conversions.

In Jan 2017, Google team surveys how Google’s advertising partners are doing, with analysis of 900,000 mobile ads’ landing pages covers 126 countries. The analysis found: The majority of mobile sites are slow and has too many elements.

This research is an eye-opening. 70% of the pages analyzed, it took nearly 7s for the images above the fold to display on the screen, and it took more than 10s to fully load all content.

The finding is page load time goes from 1s to 7s, the bouncing increases 113%. Similarly, the conversion drops 95% as the number of elements on the page goes from 400 to 6,000.

Faster is better, No matter what.




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