Mobile Marketing what is it ?

We believe that Mobile marketing is one of the main future of marketing, but actually the age of mobile marketing has already began. Mobile marketing strategy is part of every and each successful marketing agency today, and if not then you’re already behind the curb! Major users are spending big time engaged with mobile applications than any thing else before. We are expecting big growing in this trend. Thats what make everybody asks “Mobile Marketing what is it?”

Digital Marketing with Mobile

Creativity and innovations invading this industry today, specially that we have online video as part of mobile behaviour, as one of our big dreams become real. The use of mobile smartphones is becoming a part of everyday life day after day.

Today, these new channels has becoming the area, where mobile devices are the tools. We can hardly imagine how Nokia keys and Blackberry balls were dominant and there were no ouch screen few years ago.

Mobiles apps has changed how consumers engage, shop and the way we get information. Not just that, we expect the coming years to have fast growth within this area.

Based on Gartner the worldwide ad mobile spend will reach USD 41.9 billion on 2017, where it was USD 13.1 in 2013 and  USD 18 billion in 2014. This will mean mobile marketing will modify digital marketing behaviour, techniques and will take place over traditional digital advertising.

Check this below;

Mobile Ad Spend Outlook Graph ML Mobile Jan

Mobile Marketing what is it – Revolution on Mobile Devices

Accessibility is the major key differentiate this marketing over the other techniques. We used to depend on users where in station place with limited time spend on PC. But now, everybody chose to have the mobile with him everywhere he goes and to have the data to connect with everything we need.

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