What does SEM mean for my business ?

What Is SEM?

What does SEM mean for my business?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is one of the major fields for digital marketing. It is basically the term used for getting traffic from search engines to your site. Every business should make use of one or another channels of SEM.

SEM is a little different from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because SEM can utilize PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising. Your business should has a website and you should at least be familiar with SEM and why you need it. Here is a basic overview of what SEM is and how you can utilize it for your business.

How Is SEM Different From SEO?

Search engine marketing is not SEO, but SEO is a part of SEM. When you are optimizing your blog from Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL or any other search engine, you are hoping that somebody will see your site or blog in the search engine results page and click on the link. When they click the link, they are taken to your site. This is a very easy concept to understand because you probably do it yourself every day. But what if you wanted to pay for your site to be advertised on the search engines?

Many website businesses use Adsense as a way to boost some of the income to their websites. These are ads placed on the sides of the search engine results. If you type something into Google right now you will see “Sponsored Ads” on the right side of the window. If you wanted to advertise your site on the search engine, you can set up and advertisement campaign to include your site as the link on the advertisement. This is called PPC Advertising.


Pay Per Click and Cost Per Click advertising is the same thing. The basic concept is that you will pay to have your blog or website advertised on the search engines via a keyword search. So let’s say that you run a web site that has to do with weight loss. You aren’t getting the traffic that you want so you decide to invest in a PPC or CPC advertising campaign. You go to the AdWords website and you set up your account. Then you start to choose the keywords that are applicable to your website.

These could be “weight loss,” “weight loss strategies” and “weight loss programs.” Weight loss is a highly competitive niche so you are going to pay a lot per keyword. When you use this service you will have to pay a specified amount of money each time your advertisement is clicked on the ads page of the search engine.

PPC For Products

One of the best ways to sell a product through SEM is to have your link embedded in the advertisement and then have the link go to your blog. Your blog should have a review of the product to entice the reader and get them to buy it. We’ll use the weight loss model again. Let’s say that your website is selling a weight loss program. So you use a PPC campaign to advertise a weight loss model.

When a reader clicks on your ad, they are directed to the review of the weight loss product on your blog. Sounds simple enough, right? Once the reader has read through the review, they decide that they want the program and they buy it through your site. Now you have used a PPC campaign to sell a product.

Is SEM Better Than SEO?

There are a lot of benefits to SEM, but there are also a lot of benefits to SEO. When you’re paying for a PPC advertising campaign, you are buying traffic to your site. So not only will you be bringing in targeted visitors, you are getting traffic to the site to help with your rankings. PPC can bring traffic to your site immediately where as SEO is going to take months or years to take effect. When you are looking for a fast way to get traffic and targeted visitors, SEM can be a solution.

The problem is that you have to pay for it. With SEO, you simply optimize your site and wait for the traffic to come in. The bad thing about SEO is that it will take a long time for your to rise in the ranks unless you are releasing a much needed product or information to the public. SEM is fast and can be extremely cheap depending on your niche.

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